September 5, 2015

Logo Stickers


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Custom Logo Stickers

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Get easily noticed with your custom logo stickers. Let your brand be the talk of the town at all places. Logo stickers for every occasion. Market your products with logo stickers. Reveal your brand logos with custom stickers. We provide custom logo printing services to make your products stand out unique.  All are waterproof logo stickers.   Our all weatherproof stickers are for indoor and outdoor utility.

Take advantage of our digital printing services with short runs of promotional product labels and save on overall costs. We combine several versions of logo stickers of the same size to lower per unit pricing. With No plate charges involved - keeping your logo sticker costs low.

Logo Stickers

How to make logo printing effective? Looking for easy and impactful marketing ideas? Let your logo stickers standout and travel everywhere. Your brand logos keep resonating with your customers and drawing attention of the people all around. Logo printing are the most ideal ways to put forward business ideas. We produce crisp and bright logo stickers for lip balms, sunscreens, water bottles, and specialty giveaway products. We print logo design for events, trade shows and sales promos.

There’s more you can do to make your product stand out - use white ink on logo for business. The opacity and brightness of other colors are greatly increased when you print white ink in the background. Finally, choose a matte or glossy finish for all promo labels.  At Multicolor Labels, we provide digital printing services for clear labels with VDP, numbered stickers, and reflective decals. We’re here to assist you with increasing your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom logo stickers. Contact us  for low minimum short runs.



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