September 5, 2015

Removable Labels


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Removable Labels multicolorlabels

Custom Printed Removable Labels

Our removable labels leave no adhesive residue behind, in addition to being waterproof and weatherproof, as our labels provide excellent UV resistance. These labels are digital printed on white, or clear, exterior-grade low-tack vinyl. These can be shaped in the form of stickers and decals, and are designed to be used on smooth, flat, or curved surfaces, like glass, metal, or plastic. We do not recommend using our removable labels on heavily textured and highly irregular surfaces as adhesion may not be achieved as desired.

What makes the vinyl film found in removable labels so great? It’s durable, easy to remove, scratch-resistant, and won’t discolour, thus making it the perfect low-tack vinyl for long-term applications. No adhesive residue is left behind, as mentioned previously, so you’ll never need to use chemicals or heat to aid you in cleaning off the surfaces our removable labels are applied to. Not to mention, you can reposition and re purpose using these labels easily, say, switching from a warehouse shelf label to an inventory label!

Our removable low-tack vinyl decals can be used just about anywhere. Stick them on windows, walls, ceilings, furniture, floors, and room dividers to transform the look of your home or office. Our decals come equipped with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, ideal for temporary markings since no adhesive residue is left behind. Our photo-quality peelable sticky labels get the job done on any flat surface. Create your own artistic, mess-free display with our decals today!

Removable Labels

Need some application ideas? Here you go!

-Low-tack oil change clings, Removable window decals, Removable instructional labels, Warehouse shelf labels, Low-tack POP promotional labels, Low-tack reusable tabs for advertising, Temporary low-tack bumper stickers for show, furniture, appliances, medical equipment and industrial applications and engineering products.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of removable labels, static clings, stickers, and decals. We’re here to help and assist you for your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom removable labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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