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How to Save Money on Labels Printing


How To Save Money On Labels Printing:  We provide a list of a handful of tips that will save you money and increase your productivity with labels printing.  Everyone likes to save money and in today’s economic climate it is imperative. In order to help you, we have created this guide on how to save money on labels printing:
1. Choose the size of the label by best fit

The “best fit” size label is the smallest size that you can use that works well with your product. Go through our Instant Quote Online and choose various different sizes to find out the best value size you can work with. We have most sizes available to meet your requirements. We print labels in most common sizes and in most of the shapes. So before you start designing your labels you may check for the sizes and save your dollars.

2. The gang all label orders on the same size

If you can gang all your label orders on the same size with the same material, your order is treated as one job. This point, above all else, will save you the most money. For example, you may need labels for small containers and a big container and if you can make do with one common label size, you will save yourself worthy dollars in label printing charges.

3. Order the most appropriate material

Our most commonly used material is white vinyl – permanent type and this is also our least expensive material. Your custom labels will look fantastic, be waterproof and oil-proof, and be highly resistant to normal wear and tear. Our white vinyl – permanent type is our most popular material simply because it is such great value.

4. Make sure your label has no mistakes left out

The biggest waste of money when ordering labels is when you have the left out mistakes – resulting in reordering the very same labels. Always check your proof very carefully for any errors and make sure you are happy with the result before giving us the go-ahead.

5. Haste makes waste

For us, every job is equally important time-wise. We have to get your labels shipped though. Save the difference for ground rates against overnight shipping options and save your precious money – if you are not in a hurry. Also, when you receive your label proofs be sure to approve them right away so your job can be placed in the production schedule and ship sooner.

6. Always order on plus side than your exact need

When you order labels, the more you order the less you pay per label. We recommend just order a few extra. You may end up being very glad you did.

7. Plan you’re reorders

In order to save the most money, you want to plan your reorders. With labels ordered together, it would save substantial worth of dollars. So if you have many versions of a label and you are reordering just one version, double-check to make sure you won’t need any of the other versions any time soon.

8. Read Artwork Specs on our Web Site

We have the artwork specifications page on our web site dedicated to helping you or your graphic designer with the design of your labels. This is the page you should read when you begin a new project. Also, if you need to order many different labels, it is a good idea to design one label first and send it to us for evaluation and you will know how to move forward by saving your own time and the precious hard-earned dollars.

9. Save on extra fees

Always recheck on mistakes and avoid redo jobs for overlooked mistakes. Have your artwork specs correct and print-ready before sending it to us. This way we can keep our prices low for everybody. Get the best value and see how to save money on labels printing.

Become an informed customer and take some extra time with your custom label order and you will get the best value by knowing how to save money on labels printing. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.
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