September 5, 2015

Industrial Labels

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Industrial Label Printing

Industrial labels are an excellent choice for marking engineering drawing cuts, intricate cuts, and irregularly shaped cuts — we’re happy to customize your industrial label to fit your needs. Our industrial labels are cut accurately for industrial floor decals and safety equipment labels.

We also print high impact industrial labels for machinery keypad membranes and various engineering cut-out shapes. Our staff is trained to interpret all sorts of engineering drawings with tough-to-cut shapes, and we guarantee that we can reproduce these cuts with 100% accuracy and reliability. We can create industrial barcode labels and numbered stickers as required.

We use engineered film material like PVC, polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonates and Lexan for our industrial labels. These materials are commonly used in a variety of markets to create high impact labels for automobiles, marine equipment, aero-space appliances, keypads, and keyboards membranes. We also make industrial labels for panel boards, security cards, smart cards, medical appliances, nameplates, tag labels for POS systems, telecommunications devices, and hand-held electronics.

Industrial Labels

Multicolor Labels is capable of processing various materials accurately, with special attention paid to rounded corners, holes, and cut notches in industrial shapes, without distorting any part of the label. We can adjust for several types of potential cutting distortions, leaving you with a highly accurate final product. We accept all custom profile industrial shapes and designs, and we’re happy to note that we posses the unique ability to cut intricate and seamless designs via specialized CNC digital cutting methods with camera registration capabilities.

We specialize in high bond labels, which are often used as solar panel labels. These solar panel labels are waterproof, completely weatherproof, and are suited to hot and cold temperatures alike. We also offer high bond anti-skid labels that are anti-slip. These types of labels grip well to low energy surfaces and create anti-skid barriers.

Need tough labels? Our industrial high bond labels are formulated for heavy use, and can be applied to dumpsters, heavy machinery, and other heavy equipment for durability in industrial sectors. Waste management companies benefit, as these labels are tear-proof, resistant to chemicals, and smudge-proof.

We cut better and deeper! Thanks to precision sublime cutting techniques, even when given small, detailed cuts and intricate designs that peel and stick to surfaces easily. We’re also able to customize the digital cutting process for all industrial shapes. Not to mention, when kiss-cutting industrial labels, we only cut the top level of material, leaving the backing material below untouched. Rely on us for precision cuts!

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of high bond labels, smudge-proof and rub-proof tough and high durability label stickers and decals. We’re here to help and assist you with high durability custom made industrial labels with variable data and barcodes printing. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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    What Our Customers Say About Us

    “I worked with MultiColor Labels over a number of weeks to finalize the labelling on our product. Due to the harsh ultraviolet light we use to clean devices, it was a difficult process to determine material for labels that could withstand the environment. They listened carefully to our needs, generously expedited numerous samples to our office for testing, and were always readily available by phone. They worked with us every step of the way, even ensuring our source files were designed correctly for sharing. The turnaround time for labels was always quick and with reasonable pricing. It was this exceptional customer service that helped us come to a viable labelling solution smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend using MultiColor Labels for future printing needs.”
    Project Management Engineer – CleanSlate UV


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