September 5, 2015

Barcode Labels


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Barcode Labels Stickers Printing

Barcode labels stickers for inventory help tracking the goods in the businesses with ease. These are often made as “quick response” – the QR code labels or 2D barcode stickers. Modern technologies for product barcode labels are quickly being adopted by various businesses. Vinyl barcode labels printing for QR code inventory stickers and barcode stickers are easy to scan on barcode readers and smartphones alike. We can create vinyl barcode labels with over-lam that are rub proof, scratch resistant and smudge-proof. Yellow barcode labels with black imprints is a prefered method for drawing attention on barcode labels for inventory.

Today, smartphones are huge, especially among younger generation. Connecting with young consumers means communicating via smartphone apps.  Serial number and sequential numbered barcode labels make your products easy to find online, and easy to share with others. Multicolor Labels is here to provide personalized barcode labels for business applications as below:
* Barcode labels for equipment
* Laboratory barcode labels
* Barcode labels for library books
* Warehouse barcode location labels

QR code labels are two-dimensional codes that encrypt substantial amount of data in a black-and-white square matrix of dots. Pre printed sequence of numbers and information can be encoded in these labels with text, a URL, or other data content. You may provide an Excel file with variable data and  we will create the QR code JPG files for barcode or QR code inventory labels printing. Take advantage of this by incorporating QR code labels on all your products. QR code restaurant menu is a novel idea these days getting most popular and easy to use. Print your QR code with logo. QR codes are widely used all over the world, where consumers scan QR codes to do nearly everything, from buying groceries to learning about new stores. In fact, QR codes payment is now the de facto mobile payment in most modern tech businesses. Any business, whether local or international can benefit by assessing the high potential of QR codes.

Barcode Labels

Help you track inventory accurately, in real time. We specialize in providing companies with high quality, full-color barcode labels for inventory. Get unique barcodes printed on each individual label stickers with viewable numbers. We can customize the barcode label size for printing and the variable information as needed with variable data printing. Ask us for printing barcode labels and QR code labels with white ink printing on clear labels. We can assist you with our white ink printing capabilities on clear transparent labels.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print variable data labels with white ink on several types of backgrounds material selections. We’re here to help your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom barcode labels printing. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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