September 5, 2015

Clear Permanent Stickers

Custom Printed Clear Permanent Stickers

Clear permanent stickers are clearly see through and transparent with permanent adhesion.  We specialize in spot color and white ink printing on clear stickers. We can add an aggressive bonding adhesive to these stickers if necessary. This way you have the option for super sticky aggressive high bonding for clear stickers.

At Multicolor Labels we provide clear permanent see through stickers that are industrial-grade and UV-resistant. As for the high bond see through clear stickers, these are durable and adhere well to low-energy powder-coated, textured, or polyethylene surfaces, so they’re perfect for challenging use-cases. These stickers even conform to rounded surfaces without wrinkling, shrinking, cracking, or peeling.

Furthermore, our tough clear permanent stickers are composed of a pliable substrate that’s High Tack and non-slip. They hold up in extreme conditions and can even be power washed! Popular uses for these

Clear permanent stickers

  • Fender stickers • Number plate stickers • Motorcycle tank stickers • Dishwashing stickers • Sports helmet stickers • Welding helmet stickers • Hard hat stickers • Vending machine stickers • Road bike stickers • Go-kart stickers • Vehicle stickers • Polyethylene shopping cart stickers • Jet ski stickers • Equipment stickers • Machinery and component stickers

We provide white ink printing on all clear permanent stickers. White ink isn’t only for text. In fact, the opacity and brightness of other colors increase greatly against a white ink background. Combine vivid images and text on a white ink label for an eye-catching finished product.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of clear labels which can be “removable clear stickers” or “permanent type”. We can provide white ink printing on clear sticker decals. We’re here to help you increase your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom clear stickers printing. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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