September 5, 2015

Fluorescent Labels

Order Custom Fluorescent Labels

Super sticky high bond fluorescent labels are more eye-catching than regular labels. Our fluorescent labels are waterproof and completely weatherproof, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Combination of neon colors with sharp contrast patterns can easily bring attention to goods, services and industrial information, or increase the visibility of labels with dark backgrounds —perfect for emergency vehicles. Get high-impact visibility at low costs with Multicolor Labels.

Occupational activities benefit greatly from fluorescent labeling. Increase workplace safety in the manufacturing, quality control, and inventory control sectors, all of which rely on the eyesight of operators in motorized vehicles day in and day out. Fluorescent labels are also useful as high-visibility markers for product development, product specifications, guidelines, standards, public education, and public awareness.

Because it is easy to spot against any background, designers of traffic control systems, conspicuity enhancement products, and roadside parking devices will find fluorescent labels especially useful. Multicolor Labels allows you to choose from a large pool of Dayglo fluorescent neon colors to incorporate into designs that require the highest daytime conspicuity levels possible.

Stop rejected and possibly dangerous inventory from re-circulating. Use the color-coding on goods with fluorescent tags. This will let you avoid wasted efforts and will streamline your inventory and inspection process.

Fluorescent Labels

Looking for a bright label that stands out from the crowd?

Fluorescent stickers also known as Luminous Labels, can also be used to mark fragile shipping items, or to call attention to items that need it. You can also use them to call attention to industrial hazards, safety information, promotions, advertising and much more. Advertisers love fluorescent labels because they stand out on a shelf, are easy to pick out, and add a premium look-and-feel to products. Don’t you want customers to see your brand as high-end?

Our fluorescent labels and luminous stickers get your statements across clearly, loudly, and boldly, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Get your message across in half the time and cost of a regular industrial label.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of reflective stickers, hard hat stickers, full color digital printed labels and decals. We’re here to help you increase your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom printed fluorescent labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs. We ship across the USA, from California to New York and Canada.


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