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Freezer Grade Labels

Get custom freezer labels for frozen foods, pre-frozen food packaging and frozen food containers. Durable freezer grade labels to stay visible and vibrant after months in a freezer. Our freezer labels for frozen food packaging will stick strong. The strong adhesive will hold it from falling off.  We provide stickers for freezer bags that stay affixed to surfaces even after months of being frozen. These are suitable for sub-zero freezing conditions in the freezer. Get freezer safe labels that are ideal for frozen consumer products and juice bottle labels to withstand the low temperatures inside the freezer. These freezer labels are also waterproof and moisture proof. These freezer shelf labels are ideally used for yogurt, poultry, and meats that spend a majority of their shelf life in a freezer.

Freezer proof labels are also great in blast freezers, industrial kitchens, laboratories and medical environments for low temperature applications. Keep your freezer items safe and organized with freezer labels that stick. We’re here to help your company with freezer stickers labels with high quality, full-color digital printing. Looking for ideas and inspirations? Contact us.


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