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Laser Engraving on plastic sheets - Engraved Nameplates

Get durable lamacoid labels for nameplates, asset ID tags and for industrial and commercial applications. Use lamacoids Use on switches, panel boards as cable tags and plastic tags. We engrave industrial lamacoids on a two-ply or 3-ply plates. Use these engraved name plates for indoors and outdoors as these are UV safe. Ask us for custom engraved lamacoid labels for commercial and industrial applications. We assign precut holes to accommodate screw sizes, ball chains and zip-ties. As a lamacoid label maker, we provide a range of thickness and color choices available in various sizes. Get the lamacoid labels for sticky applications with 3M tape backing.

Lamacoid Tags – Industrial Engraving Double Color Sheets

Industrial lamacoid labels are an easy way to add a personal touch to your business products. We provide industrial engraving on two-layer and tri-layer plastic sheets. These are widely used as wire tags and as cable tags. Use them as lamacoid tags on machine panels and equipment. Stick them on switches, as lamacoid nameplates and button tags. Attach the lamacoid tags with zip-ties on pipes and conduits. We provide industrial labelshang tags and polycarbonate labels for high durability labelling solution. Custom lamacoid labels are a perfect solution for your business with low minimum and short runs. Contact us for quick quotes.


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