September 5, 2015

Medical Labels

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Medical Stickers

Medical Labels Stickers

Print medical labels stickers for medical devices. These are waterproof, resistant to chemical wipes, oil-resistant and rub-proof. These are easy to use medical device labels. These labels provide the information pertaining to the medical equipment. Such as medical symbols, warnings and instructions with color coding. Labels for medical equipment are an essential component to ensure that products arrive and function properly in the clinics. Medical labels have the necessary product information of numbers, descriptions, and related identifiers. The information helps for proper use, storage, and to locate the devices. We produce medical stickers for healthcare equipment and medical products, laboratory and hospital equipment.

Biohazard labels and medical equipment inspection labels withstand the chemical wipes. These are waterproof, smudge-proof and rub-proof. We do graphic overlay printing on soft, velvet, and  textured (Lexan) polycarbonate labels. We create “DANGER", “WARNING", “CAUTION” and "Warranty VOID" labels. Healthcare professionals require medical label stickers for everyday uses.  Medical supplies and medical record labels  need to be easily accessible. Stay on top with medical waste stickers, medical warning stickers and biohazard symbol stickers. These are ideal for flagging instructions and cautions.

Medical Labels

We provide custom medical labels for medical equipment featuring logos and symbols for veterinary medical labels. Product labels on medical devices help to educate how a device should be used, who should use the device, what risks the device could pose, and how to operate the device safely. With full color combinations, we can enhance medical labels with quality digital printing at cost effective prices. Contact us for more information and free quotes.


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