September 5, 2015

Medical Stickers

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Medical Stickers


Medical Equipment Labels

We produce medical stickers for healthcare equipment and medical products, laboratory and hospital equipment. In today’s fast-paced medical environments, healthcare professionals are constantly multitasking from one patient to the next. To ensure clear communication and put an end to life-threatening mistakes, they need to use precise and easy-to-read hospital labels. It is a must to have labels for medical devices.

That’s why our wide assortment of medical grade labels and stickers are made to help consumers understand the medical equipment instructions and other important information clearly and easily. High durability, tough high bond label are designed to withstand the chemical wipes and these are smudge-proof and rub-proof. These will never fall off the surface once it’s applied on the surgical devices. Biohazard labels and medical equipment inspection labels are waterproof and chemical resistant.

Doctors, nurses, researchers and healthcare workers require medical label stickers for everyday uses.  Medical supplies stickers and medical record labels are very useful and need to be easily accessible. Stay on top with medical warning stickers and biohazard symbol stickers, ideal for flagging instructions and cautions.

Our custom made removable medical stickers used as medical warning stickers are perfect for medical equipment surface application. These are industrial-grade and fit to be applied on medical records in hospital and medical products.

When printing stickers, customers can choose sequential numbering or bar coding with variable data printing for medical records. We print numeric stickers, alpha stickers, year codes, month stickers, and more via VDP, to help you organize medical files. Moreover, patient advisory and warning labels help keep physicians up-to-date with special conditions, allergies, chemical hazards, record confidentiality, and required signatures.

Medical Stickers

At Multicolor Labels, we provide full-color, waterproof, weatherproof and pressure sensitive custom labels for medical equipment featuring logos and symbols for imprint layouts:

• Medical diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, MRI, radiology labels)
• Surgical tools • Regional hospitals • Regional psychiatric hospitals
• Memorial hospitals • Public hospitals • General state hospitals • Municipal hospitals
• County hospitals • Healthcare records • Outpatient veteran surgical hospitals
• Rehabilitation clinics • Emergency rooms

Ask for extra tough high bond labels for heavy-duty and high durability use. These labels provide an extremely durable barrier of resistance to extreme conditions, like medical and laboratory freezers. These types of labels aggressively adhere to any surface, and conform easily to complex curve surfaces.

Choose us for all your medical tamper-proof, transparent, high visibility, safety reflective, serialized, sequential numbered, nutraceutical, and block-out label needs.

With an unlimited amount of colors and color combinations, we can enhance medical device labels and biohazard labels stickers with quality digital printing at cost effective prices. Digital printing enables us to create labels at low costs and in smaller quantities. No need to commit to a large quantity — our low minimum, short run jobs make label making easier than ever.  We’re here to help you increase your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom medical labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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