September 5, 2015

Polycarbonate Labels

Custom Polycarbonate Labels

Polycarbonate labels with soft velvet textured surface are used in a variety of industrial applications. These are commonly used on electronic panels boards with graphic overlays. Lexan polycarbonate labels exhibit a high abrasion resistance and puncture resistance used for industrial applications. These are used for automotive, home appliance, medical and industrial equipment industry. These custom Lexan labels remain dimensionally stable with good chemical resistance, abrasion to scratch resistance and impact resistance. We offer custom profile cutting with window cut outs and LED cut outs. These are used for name plates or faceplates on control panels of aerospace, military, chemical, oil and gas industries. Dealing with hard-to-cut shapes? We use intricate cuts based on your engineering drawings to produce a clean final product. We take care of small, detailed cuts and all intricate designs.

Polycarbonate Labels

These are used for factory and machinery labels with engineering drawing cuts, construction tools and equipment labels. We provide digital printing for a wide variety of industrial labels, reflective stickers, and super sticky high bond stickers. We ship across USA and Canada. Contact us for more information on polycarbonate labels for free quotes and low minimum short runs.


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