September 5, 2015

Tamper Proof Stickers

Order Custom Tamper Proof Stickers

Our tamper proof stickers and silver void labels allow for effective tamper evident security seals. Tamper proof labels leave behind the tampering evidence. Silver VOID and white VOID labels leave behind a “void” message if removal is attempted. Silver void labels are anti-tamper void seals that are designed to reveal a message if anyone attempts to peel away the seal. These can be produced in a variety of sizes to suit your custom requirements. You can also choose to print them via VDP (variable data printing) and add barcodes or number serialization for security and tracking purposes.

Silver void labels and tamper proof stickers include an aggressive adhesive backing that adheres to most hard surfaces, like glass and metals. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use alike.

Void labels are often used on computers, electronics, calibration instruments, chemical drums, CCTVs, audio equipment, camera systems, smartphones, medical equipment, and aircraft.

Tamper Proof Stickers

are meant to detect and deter tampering, they can also be applied to containers of valuables or confidential information or can be used to mark safety precautions on industrial equipment, aircraft hatches, doorways, components, and so on. Tamper proof and void labelling are widely used in logistics, banks, and IT departments.

At Multicolor Labels, we digitally print several types of tamper evident labels, warranty stickers, security seal stickers, and destructible labels. We’re here to help and assist you increase the safety measures of your industrial products with high quality custom printing of tamper proof stickers. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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