September 5, 2015

Reflective Stickers

Reflective Vinyl Stickers

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Reflective stickers custom made with a strong metallic backed self-adhesive adhere to any smooth, dry surface permanently. We create reflective stickers, decals, and labels cutting from the finest reflective vinyl used in the industry to ensure high durability and the highest level of visibility possible at all times. Reflective stickers are purposely used to alert people of warnings beforehand. These are placed on various places to catch the attention and convey a forewarning. Government laws are enforced to put up these stickers to provide for safety as a caution. Reflective vinyl stickers are reliable materials in making high visibility hard hat stickers as well. Waterproof reflective stickers are digital printed and cut from DOT-approved 7-year exterior-grade high intensity retro-reflective vinyl which is engineering-grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Reflective Vinyl. This high intensity vinyl is a flexible, glass bead retro-reflective vinyl perfect for the use at night.

Reflective Stickers

Every single piece of our hi viz reflective stickers are 100% DOT and ASTM-rated and approved in all 50 U.S. states and throughout Canada. We create reflective safety stickers  for the following:

Motorcycles • Bicycles • Protective head gear (hard hats and helmets) • Boats • sporting goods • luggage • industrial equipment (appliances, tools, machinery) • Public utilities (street poles) • Number plates • Traffic systems • Parking • Pinstriping • Road safety • School safety • Security • Auto industry • Bumper stickers

At Multicolor Labels, we’re here to make reflective sticker printing process an easy task. Take advantage of our short runs for full color reflective decals without committing on huge quantities. Low minimum orders for quick turnaround times. With reflective vinyl sticker printing you can have additional customization options for white ink printing, barcodes, serialized numbers, consecutive numbering, random numbers, color coding and QR codes.

We’re here to help you increase your company safety and awareness with high quality, full-color custom printed reflective stickers. Be it a a few hundred reflective stickers or thousands, we’ll provide personalized service, expert consultation and fair pricing. Contact us for free quotes.

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