September 5, 2015

Construction Stickers

Order Custom Orange Reflective Construction Stickers

Construction stickers and orange reflective vinyl labels are often used for unique product identification. These types of labels are highly visible and are engineering-grade self-adhesives type used in the construction and engineering industries.

Enjoy perfect visibility during the day or night and in all weather conditions when you choose our construction stickers that are orange color. We’ll help you create a range of reflective construction stickers for identification purposes, motorcycles, sporting goods, luggage, machinery, equipment, and construction safety.

The high-visibility retro-reflective vinyl we use is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, including hot, cold, dry, and humid conditions. We use 7 Mil, engineering-grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Orange Reflective Vinyl. This flexible glass-bead lens vinyl generates prominent levels of brightness at night.

Construction Stickers

Did you know? Our construction stickers conform very well to all irregular surfaces with rivets, seams, curves, and corners with ease. These stickers are completely all weather proof and waterproof, and these labels are washable, durable, and easy to apply. These are simply “peel n stick” for easy performance. Our in-house team can print your construction stickers with serialized numbers or any VDP (variable data printing). Serialization and bar-codes is ideal for keeping track of construction parts and items that are mass-produced in production to keep track of inventory and source.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of reflective stickers, helmet stickers, hard hat labels, and high bond industrial grade decals. We’re here to help you get organised with your construction industry and production with high quality, orange reflective vinyl construction stickers. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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