September 5, 2015

Vinyl Decals

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Vinyl Decals


Custom Printed Vinyl Decals

Choose from a wide selection of durable, reflective vinyl decals with white text, white graphics, and white floods wherever you require more opacity. Implement safety first with our high-visibility, engineering-grade reflective vinyl labels. Get perfect visibility all day and night, in all weather conditions. We can help you create a vast range of reflective vinyl decals and stickers for color identification purposes, helmets and hard hats of all types, vehicles, sporting goods, luggage, industrial equipment, street lighting, and number plates for better safety and security in your industry.

High-visibility retro-reflective vinyl material is highly resistant to all temperature extremes, including hot, cold, dry, and humid weather conditions. We use high-intensity, engineering-grade, 7 Mil, flexible ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Reflective Vinyl, a glass-bead lens vinyl that shines bright at night.

Retro-reflective vinyl is manufactured with a synthetic resin that resists weather erosion while generating prominent levels of brightness. Public safety experts recommend high visibility reflective films to make public spaces more visible during emergencies. Pedestrians and bicyclists are especially vulnerable to traffic incidents in low-visibility scenarios.

Vinyl Decals

That’s why we only use engineering-grade, 7 Mil Reflective Vinyl in our digital printing process. We can create reflective vinyl decals in custom shapes, sizes, and in short run quantities that don’t require serious commitments. Police and emergency vehicles depend on reflective vinyl, so citizens can reach out to them easily. In fact, all firefighter decals in North America are printed on 7 Mil reflective vinyl with transparent inks, for better reflectivity.

We guarantee that our reflective vinyl decals and labels will conform to irregular surfaces, over rivets and seams, and around corners and curves. That’s why reflective vinyl decals are perfect for:

Hard hats • Helmets • Trucks • Tailgates • Parking lots • Traffic systems • Loading ramps • Docks • Warning, identification and safety equipment • Number and vehicle identification • Buses, Trams and Railway Systems • Glass • Metals • Finished wood surfaces • Plastics • Home appliances • Home furniture • Tiles

These reflective vinyl decals, stickers and labels are completely weatherproof, durable, and easy to apply, with a simple “peel ‘n stick” application. We can also print reflective vinyl decals with serialized numbers, and VDP (variable data printing). No plate charges are involved, so your production costs will stay low.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of reflective stickers, orange construction stickers, and recycling decals. We’re here to help you increase your company’s safety awareness and security with high quality, custom reflective vinyl decals. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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