September 5, 2015

Yellow Labels

Custom Printed Reflective Yellow Labels

Yellow labels and reflective yellow stickers are designed to be visible in public spaces, or on products and equipment containing information that anyone should be able to spot and read with immediate attention. We print our yellow reflective vinyl labels, and these are one of many specialty labels we offer that come with a metallic base that reflects light back to a source in regular and low light conditions. That’s why yellow reflective labels are often used on hard hats, as well as safety gear that needs to be visible in the dark.

Yellow Labels

Reflective Yellow labels and stickers are most commonly used on roads, streets, police cars, emergency vehicles, tools, and for color coding equipment. Need to advertise your product outdoors at night? Yellow reflective stickers offer high visibility in all low light situations.

Make your product stand out even more with white ink printing on reflective vinyl. White ink printing offers higher opacity, brightness, and durability, all while adding a unique, classy look to your reflective labels.

At Multicolor Labels, we digitally print various types of reflective stickers, industrial labels and hard hat stickers. We’re here to help you increase the safety of your products awareness with high quality, full-color custom printed reflective yellow labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.


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