September 5, 2015

Hazard Labels

Custom Printed Hazard Labels

Hazard Labels are easily recognized anywhere. They’re designed to warn people about hazardous materials and locations for public and work safety. The symbols that appear on these labels are often enforced by law, and any signage on the label must adhere to strict government standards set out by federal organizations.

These industrial labels include warning signs, equipment safety information, safety instructions, voltage and electrical warnings, and rating hazards or warnings. Hazard labels also appear on bottles and containers that contain dangerous or flammable chemicals, portraying hazard warnings about radioactive, biohazards, or chemical that contain toxic compounds.

Hazard Labels

We create our hazard labels from a wide pool of materials, including self-adhesive vinyl, reflective vinyl, high bond, polyester, polypropylene, paper labels and more. We often digital print these labels on vinyl or fluorescent material so they’re easier to see in low light conditions.

At Multicolor Labels, we provide digital printing for several types of Warning Labels, Chemical Safety Stickers, Security Seal Labels and Caution Stickers. We’re here to help increase your company’s safety regulations and compliances with high quality, full-color custom Hazard Labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs. From California to New York, we ship across America and Canada.


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