September 5, 2015

Perforated Labels

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Perforated Labels


Custom Printed Perforated Labels

Perforated labels contain perforation lines, or a set of small dashes punched into the label’s surface. Perforated labels provide goods with a finished, professional look, and reduce tampering.

We can create custom vinyl perforated stickers with tamper proof label perforations on the necks of bottles and pull out security tabs for extra safety. You can even add self-adhesive, waterproof, and transparent perforated labels to your products to make them look even more amazing with security features.

Why perforate? Because perforations allow a label’s various parts to be separated by simply tearing off the label along its dotted line. Moreover, we offer stub perfs, or stub perforations. Stub perforations are sturdier and withstand more rough handling than microperfs, the standard type of perforation.

Perforated Labels

We offer custom perforations based on the size and length of perforations. Keeping in mind that the number of dashes required will increase or decrease the size and quantity of perforations.

Perforated labels and stickers are often used as pull out security tags that must stay intact until the stub tag is removed. Perforated labels are commonly used in:

  • Medical packaging
  • Machinery and equipment packaging
  • Software seal packaging
  • Electronics devices packaging
  • Lip-balm and cosmetic products packaging
  • Ballot boxes and voting devices
  • Consumer item box seals
  • Promotional Coupons and codes
  • Gift certificates
  • Industrial applications
  • Sows and Events programs

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of removable labels for ballot boxes, promotional marketing pull out tags and security tags for added convenience with high quality, full-color custom perforated labels . Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs. From California to Florida, we ship across the USA and Canada.


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