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Get perforated labels for bottle seal stickers and clean room door seals. These will tear apart along the custom made perforations line. Perforation labels contain a set of small dashes punched and cut into the label surface. Custom perforated stickers work as the tamper evident seals. We create perforated labels with perforations for the neck of bottle seal stickers used as pull-out security tabs. Our perforated adhesive labels are waterproof, all weatherproof. Transparent perforated stickers work perfect as security decals. Ask us for clear perforated round stickers. Why perforate? Because perforations allow for various parts of the label to be separated by simply tearing off the label along its perforated dots line.

Perforated Labels

Perforated sticker labels are often used as pull out security tags that must stay intact until the stub tag is removed. Perforated labels are commonly used in:
  • Medical packaging
  • Perforated shelf labels for warehouses
  • Machinery and equipment packaging
  • Software seal packaging
  • Perforated window stickers
  • Perforated door seals for hotel room doors
  • Perforated car window stickers
  • Electronics devices packaging
  • Lip-balm and cosmetic products packaging
  • Ballot boxes and voting devices
  • Consumer item box seals
  • Promotional Coupons and codes
  • Perforated price stickers
  • Tamperproof seal for Industrial equipment
  • Entry check points at Shows and Events
These days hotels and motels use the custom perforated decals. These are the hotel security seals used as clean room labels. Indicating room is cleaned and sanitized. Ensure your guests a peace of mind with adhesive clean room door seals with a logo. The room has been cleaned and sealed for your protection – tamper evident door seal – sanitized according to CDC guidelines. Labels feature a perforation mark that goes in between the door and the door frame. When the door is opened, the label tears off at the perforation line leaving 1 part on the door surface and 1 part on the door frame. The label provides a tamper evident seal on the door to ensure that no one has been in the room after cleaning. Each custom perforated decal can be customized and ordered. Our quick delivery ensures you get it on time. At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of removable labels for ballot boxes, promotional marketing pull out tags.  Contact us for perforated labels with low minimum short runs. From California to Florida, we ship across the USA and Canada.


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