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Heat Transfer Labels



heat transfer labels


We offer heat transfer labels for polyester and cotton fabrics. Increase your clothing line’s sales with eye-catching and informative custom labels. Heat transfer garment labels are a versatile brand identification solution and represent a valuable bridge to success in marketing and advertising for your company.

Heat transfer labels are often used as textile decorations, but more importantly, they also act as vital informational care guides for industrial work wear, athletic wear, health wear items in hospitals, fabric attachments with instructions in medical and industrial equipment systems, sensitive fabrics specialty uses, and more.

Heat Transfer Labels

provide excellent adhesion and durability, even when moisture levels are high. Moreover, they are squeeze- and chemical-resistant with high ink opacity. That’s why these labels are a no-brainer: a simple value addition to all textile-based fabric – garment printing.

Why choose heat transfer labels? These sticker labels offer you the convenience of a “tag-less” tag without the use of extra material that woven labels require, no stitching, just heat press and you’re done with. These remain washable as well. We specialize in producing a wide range of digitally printed heat transfer labels in custom shapes and sizes and colors.

What is heat transfer labelling? This technology involves full color, digital printed labels being transferred from a special release liner onto a printable substrate via heat and pressure. Heat transfers are what give products that seamless, aesthetic no-label look.

We even offer heat transfer labels for brighter colors and white ink printing on clear, transparent finish – no label look, for better contrast with dark colors.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print various types of fabric labels, garment sticky labels, ultra-removable fabric stickers. We’re here to help you with high quality, full-color custom printed Heat Transfer Labels. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.We ship across USA and Canada.


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