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What are piggyback labels? Piggyback labels are double layer sticker labels with one label stacked on top of another label. Easy peel and reveal labels. Piggyback labels have a top layer that can be peeled away to reveal an important message underneath. These piggyback labels come in two layers only. And these are sandwiched to look as if it were a one single label. The top layer can be removed, while the bottom layer will remain adhered to the surface. Take advantage of our short runs and low minimums.

As the top layer is peeled off, the hidden message is revealed on the bottom layer. This hidden message can be the ID numbers or a QR code or a FREE gift message. Double layer label is ideal for schools and educational research institutions, and hospital surveys. These work well for promotional coupons and student survey programs. Also used for after purchase product information for the end user and product QR codes for promotions. Promotional advertisers find them handy as coupons. Educational and industrial surveys use peel and reveal labels for their research programs.

Piggyback Labels

With No plate charges involved with piggy back labels, it results in a low unit cost. Often the bottom layer has unique identification numbersvariable numbers or variable QR codes inserted on them. At Multicolor Labels, we provide digital printing for a wide variety of labels selection options. Get the bottom reflective label layer for permanency and high visibility. Boost your business with our customizable piggyback labels. We ship all across the USA and Canada. Contact us now.


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