September 5, 2015

Window Stickers

Custom Printed Window Stickers

Window stickers are most often used inside glass windows, or on car windshields, as windscreen parking stickers, and clear transparent glass door stickers. These types of stickers are made to be permanent or removable.

We offer full color, digital printed window stickers that are popular as temporary parking permit, violation stickers, and visitor stickers on car windshields. Our window stickers come in two varieties: self-adhesive, low tack removable stickers, or static cling stickers.

Take advantage of our short run printing for serialized, numbered parking sticker labels. We specialize in long lasting, waterproof, fade-proof, and scratch-resistant custom window decals for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We offer the following self-adhesive synthetic backing material for all window stickers:

  1. Adhesive on print side only. These stickers are to be stuck inside a window and viewed externally. The side with the adhesive backing contains the print, so the sticker is sticky from the front. Car windshield stickers are a prime example. Here the adhesive is on the print face.
  2. Standard. The adhesive backing is located at the unprinted back of the sticker, as with all regular stickers, decals, and labels. For example, stickers on the body of a car.
  3. Adhesives on both sides. Both sides include printing, so the label can be viewed and read from all sides. This is standard for clear transparent glass door “Push” and “Pull” stickers.

Common examples are seen on clear glass doors and windows advertised for industrial products, medical warnings and hospital messages, security messages in government buildings, railways, airport areas, university and institutions, public places, alarm company advertising on the doors of houses and industrial units, as product stickers for glass doors and glass windows manufacturers, public transits, aircraft and airport door and windows etc.

Window Stickers

Have a bright idea? Need your warnings, caution or adverting and marketing messages you want to spread to the world? We’ll love to help you create your very own unique set of positive window stickers! We guarantee that our window decals will stick to any smooth surface with ease, leaving no mess behind.

We can help you create high temperature window sticker labels which can be applied onto surfaces with elevated temperature exposures. Extreme temperature labels are used in the automobile and aerospace industry, oil and gas fields, heated glass surfaces. These hot temperature labels will not fall off, print will not smudge or deteriorate.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of removable labels, windshield parking permit stickers, static clings, white ink printing for clear labels and transparent stickers. We’re here to help you advertise and market your products and services with custom window stickers printing. Contact us for more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs or long runs. We ship across USA and Canada including New York, Ontario and California.


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