4 Features To Look For In A Cold Weather Label

Labels that are placed on products meant for cold and freezing conditions need to be durable enough to stay put during the storage process. This applies to products that are refrigerated, frozen, placed outside during the winter or shipped to the customer’s home in negative temperatures. A good label company will ensure that their product[…]

Custom Automotive Labels by Multicolor

Vehicles are made up of multiple mechanical components that operate under various temperatures and forces. Automotive labels play a vital role in protecting these complex parts by displaying accurate information about their maintenance, use and safety. Over the years, Multicolor Labels has strived to generate practical solutions for the transportation industry and assist proprietors in[…]

3 Big Benefits of Buying Oil Change Stickers

It is easy for drivers to forget about the dates for oil changes or servicing. Static window stickers serve well to inform them about the next oil change and service reminders. They are relatively small stickers that can be placed easily on the windshield of the vehicle with adhesive and removed as easily to be[…]

Keep Drivers Safe with Premium Custom Vehicle Safety Stickers

Custom vehicle safety stickers are a critical component for vehicle safety. They are designed to remind drivers of important rules, regulations, company and safety policies with visually appealing content. The stickers are made to protect fleet vehicles, trucks and a wide variety of other service vehicles. A broad range of customized safety information is printed[…]

Medical Barcode Labels for Medical and Hospital Equipment

Medical Equipment such as X-rays, Surgical Tools, Medical Freezers require that their labels and stickers be specially made to handle the different harsh conditions and need to have chemical and bio hazard warnings labeled. These Medical labels need to be able to withstand various temperatures and are Waterproof, Smudge proof and Scratch Resistant. Medical Equipment[…]

How Weatherproof Labels help in Tough Work Environments

Heavy duty specialty labels are required to withstand the temperatures that many businesses require for hot and cold working environments. Cold adhesive stickers and hot adhesive labels are two types of custom labels that are made especially for industries where the temperature is a key factor. Proper selection of labels is a must, no matter[…]



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