Inventory management for industrial products and parts using security stickers and variable stickers

Inventory management can be a particularly tricky area for manufacturers and distributors of industrial products and parts. After all, keeping track of the bearings, electrodes or other tiniest and largest industry spares can be a herculean task. To add to this challenge, most industrial distributors and manufacturers have to maintain an account of their inventory[…]

Automotive products and parts security labels applications

We understand that automobile manufacturers need a variety of labels that can warn, inform or direct the usage of automobile components. One thing that differentiates run of the mill labels from labels used on automotive products and parts is the need for automotive labels to possess superior material and adhesive, to sustain in the tough[…]

Leaving A Void: A Closer Look At “VOID” Security Labels

VOID security labels are designed to indicate whether an item has been tampered with. They are strategically placed on the part of the item that needs to be accessed to be used. There is a visual indication when an item with a void security sticker has been tampered with. These labels are made of several[…]


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