Warehouse Business Floor Labels

Navigating through a busy warehouse or office is far easier with identifiable floor marking label solutions. Using floor labels in a facility is one of the most effective ways to improve workplace safety, productivity and awareness. Some floor stickers are pre-made with specific, common texts that suit many facilities, but you can also order custom floor stickers to meet the requirements of your business from Multicolor Labels.

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We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to outline warehouse and business floor sticker solutions and how they can benefit your commercial space.

Floor Stickers For Warehouse and Business Facilities

There are several floor sticker categories that can be used for your facility. The following is the most reliable floor sticker for industrial and commercial property use:


  • High Bond Labels: High bond floor stickers are an effective solution for high-traffic floors. The most durable stickers with an extremely strong adhesive, these labels can withstand all harsh chemicals and conditions without wrinkling, fading, cracking or peeling. Extremely tough, high bond labels are anti-skid and anti-slip, which makes them the perfect industrial labels for any facility. Secured to the floor’s surface once the label is applied, our digitally printed high bond labels adhere to all surfaces and withstand extreme, rugged conditions.


Examples Of How Warehouse and Business Floor Stickers Can Be Used

Floor stickers may be used to alert staff of specific areas, pinpoint target locations, provide a warning and more. Here are the most common examples of how floor stickers can be used:


  • Divide An Area: Floor stickers or industrial labels can be applied to certain areas on the floor surface to divide and indicate specific sections. For example, aisle markings on a warehouse floor may indicate certain areas for specific vehicles or equipment and another area for safe walking.
  • Provide Information: Many industrial labels already have specific text or warning information on them about a certain warehouse or facility area. For example, “Pedestrian Crossing” or “Danger, Hard Hat Area” to inform staff that the designated area often has high forklift traffic.
  • Placeholder: Certain floor stickers can be used as specific placeholders to inform employees of what occurs in said area. A floor label that indicates “Recycling” or “Staff Lunch Room” are examples of placeholder floor labels that can be custom-made for a facility.


Why Are Floor Stickers Useful?

Floor stickers are a rather simple solution, yet highly effective in ensuring your commercial business or warehouse facility is safe and well-organized. High-quality, easily visible and readable, floor labels are key to get the message across without distraction. Floor stickers can eliminate the need for staff to walk around aimlessly, unsure of a specific location and remind them to be in compliance with specific regulations and rules.

Multicolor Labels provides durable, high-quality custom, reflective, specialty, safety and industrial labels for the needs of every business. Our professionals print and supply self-adhesive stickers, labels, and decals with strong adhesive. Contact us regarding your custom label idea. We ship all across the United States and Canada including shipping to California, New York, and Texas state. 


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