June 13, 2016

White Ink On Transparent Sticker

White Ink on Transparent Sticker

White ink on transparent sticker stands out with enhanced color contrast and easy readability. White ink printing on clear stickers creates opaque text and graphics. Since all inks are translucent, when printed on clear back ground, underneath color can interfere with the sticker colors. For example, you have a black plastic surface and a yellow logo on the clear sticker, the yellow logo color on transparent stickers will not be visible on a black background. White Ink Printing can be used to create the opaque barrier making it easily readable.
Similarly you can have stand-alone white ink printing. Example of a white logos printed on transparent vinyl stickers which makes the logo opaque and clearly visible. We can print white ink on silver, reflective or on shiny gold stickers for special effects of graphics and texts. On Gold color stickers, most often it is the black print.  With white ink underlay, you can still print and see green and blue or like wise all spot colors. The biggest advantage of printing white ink is to produce the opaque effect for clear visibility.

 White Ink Printing Uses

White ink can be used and flooded in 3 modes: under-lay, over-lay or stand alone. White ink is thick and pesky which helps to create the opacity. We provide the quotes based on the design, size, quantity and the labels type for end use.
We have a quick turnaround with low minimums and short runs for white ink on transparent sticker printing. We are an all digital stickers printing company - No plate charges. Thus printing with us helps to bring down the sticker cost even with short runs.
For industrial label applications, white ink on transparent sticker is a part of graphic overlays on control panels, polycarbonate or Lexan labels, Variable data and serial numbers printing, industrial equipment labels for machine surfaces. Contact us fro free quotes.


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